Monday, February 28, 2011

El Salvador -- My Mission -- My Home

Some people think that writing your thoughts is silly or downright you can see I disagree!
Today is the last day of February 2011 and I want to immortalize this month forever... for it has been a blessing from above to me.
I was able to travel to El Salvador Central America, made some wonderful friends, lost some very dear people to me and through it all was able to praise God and lift His name on High as it should always be.
It was a magical trip, full of laughter, and new friends. The word of God was soothing to my heart, because without me knowing, it was still broken. The word worked as an ointment and it allowed me to heal one more time.
I was able to witness how economically deprived people are in Central America, but how incredibly rich they are when it comes to life. I witness how they value family, free time, community and above all worship time with God. In a way I can definitely claim to be jealous. I have been back but one week, and yet I miss the time I spent there. Even though the atmosphere was laid back, we got so much work done. But, it wasn't our work, it was the work of the Lord, we were merely His hands and His feet. I am proud to have served for one week in that beautiful home!