Tuesday, March 8, 2011

21-Day Challenge (Day 2)

Today I read John 2.  Jesus' miracle of turning water into wine was the first of many miraculous signs that he performed to reveal his glory. Yet we see a beautiful example of Jesus partnering with lowly servants to do it.

I have also found that I get engrosed with the details of the reading: I wonder where was Cana of Galilee? Where was Capernaum? Why does Jesus call Mary woman and not mother? Then, I remember it is not for me to know the details, but for me to obey the command.
He gave the servants two simple commands: Fill the jars with water and draw some out to take to the master of the banquet. The servants did exactly what he told them to do, even though it had to have seemed crazy at the time! Have you ever tried to imagine what thoughts must have gone through their heads as they were carrying the jars? When did the water turn into wine -- the minute they obeyed, or as they were carrying it to the master? What nerve it must have taken to deliver what they thought was water to the head master. Jesus' miraculous sign occurred because these guys simply did what Jesus said to do even though it seemed crazy. Their obedience led to a blessing in their lives and in the lives of those at the banquet.

Miraculous signs will never occur in our lives unless we are willing to step out in faith and do what Jesus tells us to do. Only then can God receive any glory.

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  1. Great job, Roxy! Welcome to the blogging world. The world will, indeed, be a richer place because of your words of wisdom.