Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Please teach me!

As you open the book of John to chapter 3, the bold caption at the beginning of the chapter may jump out to you, "Jesus teaches Nicodemus." As an exercise, cross out Nicodemus' name, and write your name. You should feel an intense desire to be taught by God today. How desperate are you to know and understand truth?

Nicodemus was drawn to Christ because he had witnessed Jesus performing many miraculous signs and he just knew that Jesus had to be from God. "Nick" was a religious man, but he felt that something was missing in his own life. Coming to Jesus for an answer, Nicodemus hears him simply state that in order to have eyes to see the kingdom of God, one must be born again; that is, experience new birth.

How is one born again?
In the rest of chapter 3, Jesus clearly tells us the answer four times! "Everyone who believes in him,"(vs. 15) "whoever believes in him," (vs. 16) "Whoever believes in him," (vs. 18) "Whoever believes in the Son." (vs. 36)

The moment a person chooses to exercise faith in Christ for the forgiveness of sins, his or her sins are forgiven and he is born again by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To believe in him brings new life. We are recreated, renewed, and born again by His Spirit, and our faith in Jesus is what opens our eyes to see the kingdom of God.

This is an important step in our lives. Many choose to do it later: when I have retired, when the children are grown, when I am done with school, etc. The truth is that Jesus is here today and the sooner you surrender, the faster you will begin working for the Lord. Don't delay the inevitable....He is waiting for you!

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